Current Sermon Series

From Strength to Strength

Whenever we find ourselves struggling with a particular problem, or trying to discern a way forward where there seems to be no clear path, or facing a crossroads moment when we must make a choice to go one way or the other, it often helps to remember that we’re not the first. We’re not the first to face this problem, or to make this decision, or to take this risk before us. There’s a good chance that someone has already been there before.

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Just because we can’t congregate together,

doesn’t mean we can’t worship together.

Join us online every Sunday at 9:00 & 10:30 for our live worship experience.
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We can’t wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to be over. We have to start rebuilding our community now.

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Youth Ministry is kicking off their new fall programming “Get on the Grid”

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Our Kids Ministry is Now Virtual!

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Because you’re awesome, a lot of our St. Andrew family has been looking for ways to help.

Here’s where we need you.
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Looking for a support group? We have compiled a list of online resources to assist you in finding help.
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Contact us if you need pastoral care, someone to talk to, or assistance in navigating online services. 
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Continuing the Conversation

On Justice and Equality

Throughout the month of June, we brought you a series of conversations between Revs. Akilah and Mark about race in America, and what we can do as a community of faith. Join us as we continue that conversation.

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All are welcome here.

We are proud to celebrate diversity as we work to live our vision of radical hospitality. While there are differences among us, we can love alike though we may not think alike.

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