We’re made to be with others, but too often we walk through this world alone.
A recent study revealed that the number of Americans who say they have no close friends has roughly tripled in the last two decades. “Zero” is also the most common response when people are asked how many confidants they have.
That may seem strange in the era of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and boundless digital connectivity. But the “friends” orbiting at the farthest reaches of our digital galaxy aren’t the ones that matter when it comes to our happiness and sense of wellbeing.
Because we’re made to be with others. In person.
Scripture tells us that we’re better together.
Our “Better Together” series looks at the basic building blocks of genuine friendship and community. Things like: acceptance, encouragement, someone to suffer with, someone to provoke us to do the right thing, someone to share the best of ourselves.
These are just of a few of the topics we explore. Please join us for this important series. Bring a friend with you, or meet a friend in worship.

Let’s figure this out.

Give to One Another (10/29/17)  /  Watch

Walk with One Another (10/22/17)  /  Watch

Provoke One Another to Love (10/15/17)  /  Watch

Serve One Another (10/08/17)  /  Watch

Belong to One Another (10/01/17)  /  Watch

Suffer for One Another (9/24/17)  /  Watch

Encourage One Another (9/17/17)  /  Watch

Accept One Another (9/10/17)  /  Watch