As spring approaches, we all tend to get the urge to clean.  We air things out, sweep corners, scrub floors, wash the windows, clean out the fridge, pull the weeds.  “Spring-cleaning” is a ritual for renewing our homes.  But our homes aren’t the only places in need of deep cleaning and decluttering. Over time, misplaced priorities, bad habits, old grudges, the shame of sin, misguided fears start to pile up, weighing down and cluttering our souls like spoiled leftovers and expired milk in the back of the fridge.

This Lent, we’ll do some spiritual spring-cleaning as we prepare for Easter.  We’ll seek to declutter our souls of unhealthy, unholy commitments and attitudes that weigh us down and keep us from living free, joyful lives.

Control  /  Watch

Expectations  /  Watch

Hubris  /  Watch

Envy  /  Watch

Enemies  /  Watch

Power  /  Watch

Tombstones  /  Watch