[week 1]  + peace Children’s Hospital Highlands Ranch Mental Health Unit: Visits to kids and sunshine bags
[week 2] + forgiveness Donate underwear, wool socks, chapstick, snacks and toiletries
[week 3] + community Provide breakfast & thank you notes to public service workers
[week 4] + gratitude Fast ($20/1 day for a family of 4) & fill a bag of food to donate.
[week 5] + acceptance Legislative letters of support for immigration
[week 6] + service UMCOR Health Kit Creation and blood drive

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Lenten Stones

The Lenten sermon series focuses on decluttering our lives. To create a tangible way to help us declutter and remind us to leave space for reflection, we will pass out a small bag filled with 6 stones (one for each week of Lent). Each week, write something on the stone you would like to see “decluttered” in a silver Sharpie or white paint pen. During your devotional time, think about why it is important to declutter. You may pick up your stones beginning March 5th at St. Andrew.

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Decluttered: A Lenten Journey

Sundays  /  March 4-April 8  /  10:30-11:30 am
Wednesdays  /  March 8-April 11  /  9:30-11:00 am

Lent is a time to return to God. As we focus on decluttering this season, we will learn to peel away the layers of the world, while opening up the layers of the soul.



Lenten Recital Series
Wednesdays at 12:10pm

March 8       Barbara Hulac-Organist
March 15     Barbara Fisher-Piano
March 22    Mark Zwilling-piano/organ
March 29    St. Andrew Alleluia Handbells
April 5         St. Andrew Sisters Women’s Ensemble



Youth Breakfast Groups

Weekdays [various locations]
Youth are considering each week something they can take on such as an hour of silent meditation, helping someone in need and praying for people they do not know. They are also thinking about what they might give up: some form of technology, a particular food or habit, or some behavior they want to change. On their stones each week they write what they’re giving up on one side and what they’re adding on the other.

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