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September 22 – October 19

2D Artist

Randi Randolph

Painter with a bent towards impressionist realism.

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3D Artists

Dianna Cooper-Ribner

Fiber artist, showing baskets using the Japanese Ikkan-Bari craft to re-imagine woven structures.

Exhibition Calendar

August 12 – September 16

Patricia Montano – 2D Art
Susan Bartholomew – Jewelry
Sally Van Der Kamp – Glass Art

September 22 – October 19

Randi Randolph is a painter with a bent towards impressionist realism and will display 2D art, www. randirandolph.com
Dianna Cooper-Ribner is a fiber artist and will show baskets using the Japanese Ikkan-Bari craft to re-imagine woven structures

October 20 – November 3

Celebrate the posters from Mark Zwilling’s 20-year music career with St. Andrew and join
in the celebration concert on Thursday, October 24.

November 3 – December 9

Gwen Paton will display photography. Sheila Kinsman is a painter and the author of, Rhyming With The Birds, a book that captures the colorful lives and habits of 26 bird species with her pastel paintings and whimsical poems.  
Gold Orman will display her pearl jewelry in the library.
Dr. Eva Kraus will display her Raku pottery. 

December 15 – January 12, 2020

Bob Wright is a Signature Member of the Colorado Watercolor Society and will display his watercolors of various churches around the world.