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Having an issue downloading the youth Google Calendar? Please log-on to your email on a desktop or laptop, follow the calendar link and click the plus sign (+) to add the youth calendar. After adding from a laptop or desktop, from your mobile device refresh your google calendar. Then under settings go to the email in which you received the calendar and turn the “sync” button on to see the youth calendar via mobile. The youth calendar may be sent and synced under the email: [email protected]



Mission Trips

Part of our Mission is to love our neighbor and serve the common good. One of the ways we do that  is through our Youth Mission Trips. 
Every year we have the opportunity to go on a number of trips, whether you go by yourself, with your family or as a sponsor.

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Sunday school class for 6th-12th graders. Join your Middle/High School friends and Led by Youth Director, Cindy Klick.

Junior/Senior Experience
High school junior/seniors meet with Kip Wallen and other volunteers to have fun together, to explore what life will be like after high school and to gain skills such as financial planning. Led by Kip Wallen.


Real Time
Join other youth in a relaxed, large group environment every Sunday at 10:30. By playing games, doing team building activities, and studying the bible, we create a loving community and would love for you to join us. Led by Assistant Youth Director, Heather Wilson.

SNAP (Sunday Nights)
Middle and high school youth join adult leaders for a variety of activities, including Halloween food drives, preparing Thanksgiving baskets and care packages along with sports activities and a wide range of unique games. Led by Assistant Youth Director, Heather Wilson.


Dinner Groups
Meet with other high school friends (9th grade and up) in the Youth Zone parking lot and then go out for dinner at a local restaurant. Discussions cover various topics. Led by Assistant Youth Director, Heather Wilson


Breakfast (Middle School and High School)
Students meet before school with Cindy and/or Heather, or other approved drivers, at various restaurants near schools to eat and share devotions and prayer time together. Youth are then driven to school by approved drivers. Led by Youth Director, Cindy Klick and Assistant Youth Director, Heather Wilson.



Lunch (High School)
Meet with other high school friends (9th grade and up) to discuss various topics. Led by Assistant Youth Director, Heather Wilson and Cindy Klick, Director of Youth Ministries.


Talk about faith questions, build relationships with new friends and deepen your relationship with God as you decide whether church membership is the right step for you.

Classes run Sunday evenings late February through November, with a weekend retreat in March, a companion parent class, and summer service projects.

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