America is more deeply divided ideologically than at any time since the Civil War.  Complex moral and political issues are addressed in thirty-second sound bytes, incendiary social media posts, provocative tweets and inciting e-mails containing only partial, and often hurtful, truths.  Friends, neighbors and even family members find it nearly impossible to talk to one another with reason, civility, and humility. 
But is it possible that Jesus’ teachings may hold the key to a better way?
In this series, we’ll hear from diverse perspectives from across the political and theological spectrum as we consider the role of government and the role of people of faith in finding solutions to some of these issues.  As we do, we’ll discover that the teachings of Jesus can help us find unity and understanding as we seek a better way to do politics.

Be a part of the discussion.

Each week we will have a survey to see what the congregation believes about these issues. The results will help shape the conversations we have on Sunday.

Survey - Week Two


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