Mission Trips
Loving our neighbors next door and across the world.


2019 Mission Trips

February / March 2019

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Youth Mission Trips

Spring Break – Southern Colorado
Grade 6 & older
March 22-24

Forest Home, Belize
 Completed Grade 9 & older

June 22 – July 2

Nogales, Mexico
Completed Grade 9 & older

June 30 – July 6

Youth 2019 – Kansas City, Missouri
Completed Grade 6 & older
July 9-14

High School
HopeHouse: Urban Life Mission 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
14 years and older
July 14-21

Middle School
Salt Lake City, Utah

completing Grade 6 & older
July 21-26

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Be a part of what God is doing.

Meeting the real needs of people is something to which God has called. We’ve been called to work as a team, under Christ, transforming lives and practically meeting the needs of our neighbors.

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